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Custom Factory and Commercial Fitouts

At 100% Electrics we understand that each factory and commercial store fit out has unique electrical requirements based on its operations, layout, and industry-specific needs. Our team of skilled electricians works closely with you and your business to understand your goals for the commercial space and we are experts in designing custom electrical solutions. We take into account factors such as power demands, safety regulations, energy efficiency, and future expansion plans to create a custom electrical plan that meets your specific factory, commercial, or store needs.

Planning the electricity in your factory, shop, or commercial space.

If energy efficiency is a top priority for your commercial space, factory or store then you might want to consider the following things:

Electrical equipment

The electrical equipment required for your factory, shop, or commercial space will vary based on your specific operations, industry, and facility requirements.  That may be specific lighting, a POS/register, high-power machinery or equipment, or heating and cooling.

Think about the space in use and how your electrical equipment will fit within the space.  100% Electrics have completed many fit-outs so can also help you assess your space and work with you to decide the best layout for your electrical equipment.


What types of lighting will you use? Some types of lighting that we commonly use in commercial and factory fitouts include: LED Lighting, Task Lighting, High ceiling lighting, safety lighting and more.

Heating and Cooling

Will you require heating or cooling in your commercial fit-out?  Where are the best points for their installation to ensure energy efficiency? And how will it be controlled? 100% Electrics have a focus on sustainable energy sources so we can also help you figure out the most cost-efficient way to heat or cool your space. See more on Air Conditioning installation.

Electrical safety at work should be your number one priority. The commercial space, shop, or factory plan should comply with the law to avoid costly lawsuits and other legal problems in the future. 100% Electrics has a certificate of electrical safety, ensuring only qualified, registered electricians carry out any electrical work.

If you would like to know more about how 100% Electrics can help with your next commercial project, shop space, or factory fit-out in Melbourne, call us today to find out how we can create a custom electrical plan that meets your business needs.

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