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Building sustainable, energy-efficient structures and renewable energy projects is no longer a unique proposition.  It has become the norm.With in-house engineering and project management staff and a proven cost control system, our Energy Alternatives Division offers the innovative solutions of a specialty provider backed by the experience of a proven construction company. Thanks to our tireless commitment to safety and customer service, we have successfully engineered, constructed and maintained solar, alternative energy and infrastructure projects for many  organisations.

100 Percent Electrics prides itself on being fastidious when it comes to attention to detail on our Solar installations. We treat every installation with the upmost care and precision, as we understand you take pride in the appearance of your house and workplace, so we treat it as if it were our own.

Grid-connect System

In a grid-connect system, the house receives electricity from both the PV array and the utility grid. Surplus electricity from the PV array is exported to the utility grid and `bought back’ when the PV system is not generating.

RV Solar Kit

A Solar RV Kit allows you to plug into the sun and convert sunlight into solar power wherever you are


Turn on the Sun with a Solar Power System from 100 Percent Electrics


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January 23, 2013

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