Underfloor Heating

No more cold tiles on your feet in the middle of winter!

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient way to heat your home or office, underfloor heating is the answer you’re looking for.

Underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular in new builds and renovations due to its ability to provide a comfortable and consistent level of warmth without the need for bulky heaters or vents. The system works by heating the floor from below, radiating warmth throughout the room, and creating a comfortable environment.

Livella Underfloor Heating

At 100% Electrics we exclusively use Livella underfloor heating.

Livella heating cables are engineered for performance and longevity and are tested for integrity throughout the installation process. Livella has the safest and most reliable in-slab heating cables available.

  • Livella systems warm quickly and are programmed to match your daily routine. In-slab systems generate heat during off-peak when power is cheapest.
  • Livella’s electric in-slab heating has no hidden costs making it more affordable in the long run. Unlike hydronic systems, there is no maintenance; no servicing; and no replacement of mechanical boilers, pumps, or valves.
  • Livella underfloor heating has a programmable thermostat that shares energy-saving smarts with other appliances to keep running costs low.
  • In contrast to air-conditioning and gas systems, there are no drafts, no noise, and no feeling of stuffiness.
  • Livella heating cables are engineered for performance and longevity and are tested for integrity throughout the installation process.
  • Livella has the most reliable and safest in-slab heating cables available.
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Getting a quote for Underfloor Heating

Livella thermostat for underfloor heating melbourne

The team at 100% Electrics will measure the area and discuss your requirements for underfloor heating.

  • We will create a custom layout for the heating system and draw up a quote.
  • Once the layout and quote for the underfloor heating system are approved, we can initiate the installation process.
  • The process for installation from start to finish depends on the size of the area you need covered, however, as a rough guide: 1 average house size 214sqm would take approximately 1 week.
  • The first step in the installation process is to lay the reinforcement mesh on the concrete slab, then the heating cables are fixed permanently in place. This helps to distribute the heat evenly throughout the floor. Once this process has dried, the final flooring material can be installed, whether it’s hardwood, tiles, etc,
  • For existing floors, we xxxxx.


Note : When installing radiant heating under existing flooring in 1st storey applications, ceiling access from a floor below must be provided.

The underfloor heating system may be installed under the existing floor as well but the results are not as efficient as heat is required to pass through an additional layer of subfloor.

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